Author : Ifra Fatima

Pearls Square is the brainchild of my Maternal Aunt, Abida Fatima, a single mother of three. She has inspired many people by her work as a woman.

Being a woman, she has understood how it feels to be unable to just have a get together with friends unlike men. Therefore, she innovated this women’s only club exclusively for women, located in Aditya Nagar Colony, Tolichowki, Hyderabad.

My aunt believes that when women come together, great things can happen. Women are in the best position to know what changes are needed to create positive improvements in their lives.

Pearls Square is made up of a group of women brought together by a passion to make an impact in the lives of all women. It aims to make a tangible difference in the physical, emotional and spiritual lives of women.

Pearls Square’s team members are known for their sincerity, sensibility, hard work and timely wit. They have never failed in using them in times of need.

It is the passion and love for women power which enables them to strive that has made them so much more capable and ignites the flame to continue their work towards greater good, every single day.

Below are a few highlighted projects and examples of what they do together @ Pearls Square…

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  1. Taqia Mohammadi

    I appreciate the work and efforts at pearl square.


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