Author : Iqra Khan
Searching for my existence in the society
My black skin tone obliterates my vitality
Unshackled years ago the chains of slavery
With every breath I am made to recall the same cruelty
The land of vibrant cultures and diversity
Has ostracised me for the melanism colossally
The blood of *Bantu that runs in my veins
Carries the generational trauma gracefully with athletic genes
Dreaming to be received as a fellow citizen
I’ll run to not to remain forgotten
Until my trauma turns into triumph
I’ll run for my people, my nation
And exclaim, I, too, am an Indian.
*Bantu – tribe belonging to east Africa which the Siddi community belongs to
This poem is inspired by Shahnaz Lobi and countless other youngsters of the Siddi community who despite facing discrimination due to their race still rise and aspire to represent India in sports internationally.


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