Category : World Poetry Day
Author : Ayesha Subhan

My ‘Hijab’ doesn’t weigh me down.
I wear it like a gilded crown.
My ‘Niqab’ doesn’t stifle my voice.
It’s my life, it’s my choice.
No one can touch a Sikh’s turban.
It’s an offence, not worth a pardon.
‘Coz that’s his fundamental right, most certain.
None can disparage a nun’s garb.
If so, I’ll be their rock, their vanguard.
Why then do you belittle my headscarf?

It is my Constitutional privilege.
Go tell that to the masters, who have your patronage.
What happened to peace and harmony?
Do we live in Nazi Germany?

At my ‘Niqab’, the world did scoff.
Until the Pandemic, called out their bluff.
Now everyone wears a face mask.
And I proceed to have the last laugh.
My veil is integral to my identity.
It essays modesty, dignity, humility.
It liberates me from all those who stare.
I can relax because I cover my hair.

I too am a citizen of this Republic.
Even though I wear a different fabric.
My India is beautiful, as it is diverse.
So many colours, here have come to merge.
You cannot shut me out by force.
Inclusivity is the language of the Universe.
Our worlds might be poles apart,
Let me embrace my faith,
Whilst you follow your heart.


  1. Dr Asma Zehra

    Beautiful poem ?

    • Shehla Naik

      Very Apt .

      • sajna


  2. Ibra khan

    You spoke my heart. Jazakallah

  3. Dr Salima

    You spoke for all of us?


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