Category : World Poetry Day
Author : Fathima Noman

It’s still not late.
Don’t resign to as fate.
React not, but wait.
it destroys all when haters dictate.
consuming every foe and mate.
Burning every bridge, don’t partake.
blood and dead at every gate.
a vicious cycle, hate after hate it replicates.
you don’t discern, good and evil you can’t discriminate.
so don’t fall in when they instigate.
loyalties divided, shamelessly celebrate.
dig into your conscience, don’t violate.
This isn’t a game of chess, it isn’t yet checkmate.
everybody loses in the end, this you should anticipate.
think twice; maybe it’s time to deliberate.
hate’s become monotonous, may be love is a good alternate.

Live and let live, else we all die; make no mistake.


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