Category : World Poetry Day
Author : Alfiya Anjum

To be a girl, is it a sin?
Or are we worth a bin?
I don’t understand
Why does no one stand?
When I am a girl.

Even I have a life,
And right to relish it.
To fulfill my dreams is my only wish,
But they all are filled with risks.
Why are the barriers?
When I want to be a Warrior!
At the least, is education.,
People don’t even let me graduate.

I wonder,
I yonder,
What shall I ponder?
Will you let me move on?
Or shall I let the show on?
Future is me,
Generations to come are with me.

Why do you underestimate?
Always discriminate?
Why do you misunderstand?
The problems of a girl you should understand.

We face thousands of Challenges,
Just because of a, gender change,
Is it a sin or a crime?
To be a girl?

Answer should be found soon,
Before it’s the crisis noon!

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