Ibrahim (AS): An Epitome of Sacrifice
Author : Afifa Mastura

Oh my father! Tell me, why do you bow down to these idols made of clay?

Done you see how stars and the moon fade away?
How the Sun sets and how these idols; neither they eat nor they say!

There is only one Lord!

Oh my father! Today the heads of these idols lay,
neither they eat, nor they say

so, why do you pray to these idols made out of clay?

There is only one God!

As I stand here alone, I have nothing to fear.
For my Lord can see and hear.
You say I am a Liar,

There is only one Lord!

Verily, my Lord cooled down that fire!
Oh my people! Why no heed to my words you pay?
Why do you bow down to these idols made out of clay?
We will have to leave these lands my nephew,
For people on our side are very few.
There is only one Lord!

In my old age, I was blessed with a son
I thanked my Lord a ton!
However, one night a dream was seen,
Slaughtering my son! What does it mean?
If this is your command, I have no right to deny!
I will slaughter my son for my Lord, “Most High”
With a ache in my heart, I raised my hand for my God,
Indeed, instead of my son, a sheep tasted my sword
It turned out, my Lord was testing me after all,
To see if in Shaitan’s trap we did fall!
We passed these tests, Alhamdulillah!
So all of the mankind recognizes me as Khaleel-ullah

There is only one Lord!


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