Aura is a magazine for women by women. The printable online version is attractive and easy to browse through. The design and layout are impressive. The content has diversity and addresses all sections of women, irrespective of religion and community. The contributing writers are mostly women. It is different from the run-of-the-mill women’s magazines in its content, outlook and commitment to values and morals. The magazine can play an important role in empowerment of women, bringing genuine women’s issues to the forefront. The first few editions are quite promising, giving hope that the magazine would scale new heights in future and become a powerful voice of women in India and worldwide.


Kudos to Team Aura for providing such amazing content and acing this journey in such an extraordinary way. The best thing about Aura is that it presents the readers with topic of greatest importance in a simple, straight forward and evidence based manner.
‘Eid is not just about feasting, it is a form of worship’. This has been beautifully explained in a short and concise manner by Mrs. Rahamathunnissa A in the cover story ‘A revered celebration why we must observe Eid’. She very clearly explained the different aspects of Eid, instilling a reminder amongst the readers to retain the essence of the festival amidst the chaos the entire humanity is facing world wide. Also to mention Dr. Zeenath Kausar and her thought provoking story entitled Cherish or Perish – Motherhood in the Modern Age. The writer takes us through the journey of three mighty women of history, explaining how Motherhood births Civilization!
May Allah SWT reward the entire team for their efforts. Eagerly awaiting the next issue.


Aura e Magazine has been a platform in successfully catering to the needs of talented, creative and rational authors and readers. All the articles are well researched, informative and at the same time are concise and well composed. The article which impressed me the most was, “The Crisis of Endless Wars” authored by Sameena Afshan. It drew my attention towards the ongoing battles, incessant violation of human rights and the demand for sovereignty in various countries like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The author has laid down the political and social backdrop of the current scenarios in each of these grief stricken states exclusively and has also highlighted the general heedlessness of the global community towards them. This informative write-up very well elaborates on the human greed for power and resources which has led to disruption of peace, adverse impact on the livelihoods of millions, displacement of population, an everlasting negative influence on generations to come and a constant sense of fear and suspicion. The author rightly points out that war is a man-made phenomenon resulting merely in destruction and chaos. I look forward to reading many more such and other enlightening and stimulating stories revolving around current world affairs, women and our society amongst other subjects

-SUMNA SADAQAT | Jamia Millia Islamia


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