As I read about the brief description of the latest June issue of Aura magazine, with ‘Environment’ as the main theme, I really wanted to know more about it. With beautifully designed pages, I found each and every article relevant and well-presented. The current challenges of the pandemic and the impacts on our environment were addressed, proposing feasible solutions. Stories of powerful women, whom all are not aware of, and who made a difference, were very inspirational to read. As a whole, I felt the magazine is a wonderful guide for women for bringing out the strength within themselves and do more good for the society while upholding the Islamic principles and family values. May Allah bless your whole team.
-FEBIN SEETHI V, Knowledge Scientist

Although I feel inadequate to write a review about Aura, I realised I need to do it simply to express the delight that I found in reading the magazine. The identity of a Muslim woman rarely stretches beyond a caring homemaker, a submissive person, and a toiling beast of burden who does not hold opinions of her own. But this magazine will shake those narrow perceptions and introduce the reader to a host of highly educated, coherent, brave women who hold the potential to shape society and become trendsetters in their own right. The magazine brings to fore the pressing issues of the world that rarely get mileage in mainstream media. This needs a special mention. The clean and clear layout of the magazine makes it a pleasure to read. Congratulations to the Aura team for putting up such a tremendous magazine.


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