Category : In Contrast
Author : Aura Staff
As the saying goes, the smallest coffins are often the heaviest. While the 2023 earthquake has taken thousands of lives, left much more displaced and homeless and shattered entire cities, it has been the searing images and videos of news around children that have stuck the most – of babies surviving while their entire families perished; of babies, used to being fed every two hours and immensely fragile, surviving 10 miraculous days; and babies being mourned by their parents who could never have imagined such a loss. Each miraculous rescue brought about cheer among the exhausted volunteers. Here are two striking images.

A Syrian man carrying the body of a child onFebruary 7, 2023, in the town of Jindayris. AFP
In Hatay, Turkey volunteers entertain children with costumes of clowns and cartoon characters. Anadolu


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