Category : World Poetry Day
Author : Anjum Fatima
The silent tear that rolled down her cheek The ugly fear that was at its peak. The dirty thoughts that clogged her mind, The dark emotions that haunted from behind. The raging storms that created uproar, The nasty waves that hit the shore. The feeling of dejection from every side, The endless list of rules to abide. The age old customs followed as a rule The mindless rituals, demeaning and cruel. The supremacy that gave right to misuse The legacy followed for age old abuse. Is it the only way to live a life To hold yourself responsible for every strife? Though you have stood by in each struggle, Sometimes to choose, sometimes to juggle. You are expected to be always right, To be responsible for every fight. To say ‘sorry’ without any fault, Because you are at fault, by default. He can shout and call you names, Demean you, and play dirty games. All the duties you have to fulfil, without a word of thanks or refill. With a religion that gives so many rights, To treat you humanely even during fights. It is hard to believe that the world is so rude, So many advancements and still so crude. We share with hope that you can understand, Heal us with a touch of your magic wand. We share only to assure you thus, The values you gave are still with us. We come to you not to be questioned, To be understood by a mind not poisoned. If you also deprive us of your shade, We feel that we are but a housemaid. They expect us to be 100% right, without a mistake, not a wrinkle in sight. Punish us with words and with actions, They also doubt our hidden intentions. Poison our minds with ruthless hate, So much that we curse our fate. But we live with them hoping for the best, Getting ready for every new test. So my dearest shady tree, When I come just hug me, and set me free!

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  1. Shihab Karuvarakundu

    Nice poem?
    Heart-touching words?
    Let’s do our best for a new world..?


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