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Unfinished business everywhere You can’t blame the woman ‘if’ she feels crazy Can you be at two places at once?

Two vessels are always full, I wish it was our bank account or pantry but lo! Tis the kitchen sink full of dishes and the Laundry bag full of clothes Both dirty, in need of cleaning.

Working women, hear me out, Don’t care if you’re paid or not Work is work wherever it may be, Inside your home, outside or both Unfinished business everywhere, I don’t blame you for feeling crazy.

I need my biscuit and need my tea Dip it nice so that it gets fluffy, Melt it in my mouth Ah! What a luxury! I feel a little less Crazy!

Nothing is impossible, the sky’s not the limit You can dream and dream no one is going to stop you But whether you’re the president or the CEO At home you’re the robot who…. Plans/Thinks/and eventually does all the chores. One small person – so many roles Wife, Daughter, Mother, the one in-law and your career – Oh no! Guilt is building, conscience is pricking, overthinking You can’t blame a woman for going crazy Can you do all things at once?

Can you be Several people at once? Loving and caring, organized and strict, doting and unconditional When your hair is up, they tell you to let it down, but when it’s down Tie it up!

And there’s the husband, your Anchor In turmoil waters he’s got you But when he helps too much, the blame is on you “Poor thing, let him rest too!” (as if I was ….)

Her hormones may rage once in a while, Just move away let her be, A broken switch, splat of dough on the wall, pieces of glass shattered everywhere It’s ok, she’ll clean it up Just give her time, she’ll be fine.

You can’t blame a woman if she feels crazy Sometimes it’s who she wants to be…


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