Category : POETRY
Author : Heba Shakeel

Ramadhan, a month of peace and light,
A time for reflection, devotion and might,
Fasting from dawn till dusk with grace,
Purifying the soul and seeking Allah’s embrace.

The Quran is read with fervor each night,
As believers gather to pray with all their might,
Forgiveness and mercy are sought with each breath, And blessings of peace and joy are bequeathed.

During this holy month so bright,
The devils are locked up, unable to cause any blight,
So the hearts of believers are filled with peace and calm, As they walk the path of righteousness, free from harm.

The breaking of fast is a moment of delight,
As friends and family come together to unite,
With dates and water, a simple yet sweet feast,
And gratitude for all the blessings, never cease.

For those who fast with sincere intention,
There’s a reward in the Hereafter, with no objection,
A garden with rivers flowing, an eternal life filled with delight. For the Exalted says: Fasting is for Me and I shall Reward It.

So let us rejoice in this holy month so bright,
And walk the path of virtuousness with all our might,
For Ramadhan is a time for spiritual growth,
& a journey towards a life filled with peace & hope.


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