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“When the month of Ramadhan arrives, the doors of mercy open”
– Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Has there been anyone to feel belonging in this world?
Perhaps not,
Surely it is beautiful to look at, think about,
But the beauty of it is sure to bring you down with no gain
Or maybe not,
But only when you know that another world awaits you
And so shall you prepare yourself for it.

The beauty, the time, the moment,
When the doors of mercy open, the love is showered endlessly,
When the blanket of positivity wraps around the Earth,
While the flowers of peace and mercy blossom,
And the heavens shower the Angels incessantly like the butterflies in Spring.

The patience of every year decreases with time,
But does it with every soul?
Perhaps not, Has your wait for Ramadhan ever reached the skies?
Maybe or maybe not, But the realisation of the beautiful truth is when a soul is partially prepared, To know that the mercy of the Merciful Creator is beyond the skies, Shall be the time when you shall submit yourself to Him with a gain in return.

A part of your soul craves for it, But a part of it does not,
How long would you keep it trapped in the world of lies?
Surely, this shall be the moment of opening of your eyes,
When the scent of truth shall reach you,
And your soul shall bathe in the mercy of your Lord.

Surely, sweetness is the end of sincerity,
And undoubtedly, a path of light for every craving soul,
For the truth shall last for eternity,
And the pious shall lay in beds of silk.

“Dunya is nothing but a beautiful lie”- Quran 3:185


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