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Yes, sharpen the ears…
Do you hear that voice?
Pulling chains…Hitting heads!
Falling roofs…Shrilling walls!
A hefty blast…Shaking the minds!
Quaking the hills…Mounting the muds!

Grandma, sorry!
I know your tears’ve already dried.
Holy blood became frozen
The humble mouth has been clipped.
Your grandsons, the suckers of blessings
Yes, they forgot real duties and deeds
We feel only arrogance and self-gain!

I can’t see those scenes..!
Your heart breaks and your soul weeps.
Shrines… like beheaded bodies in war-field
Mantras… totally tongue down
Homes… became mud-hills and dust-winds
Towers… as skeletons after a horrible attack
Humans… shattered and scattered as moths…

Of course, once again the stars will shine!
Devils and darks will disappear…
‘Super stars’ will taste the mud!

Surely, your mind will be calm and cool
Holy dreams will enhance and succeed
The world will realize its Creator
The mortals will fall into Sujood!*

*Sujood – Prostration (Action that shows thanks and submission to Almighty God)


  1. Abdulfathah Kallai

    Masha Allah, excellent 👌
    Keep it up

    • Shihab Karuvarakundu

      Very thx dear Brother 💗

      • Nazeer

        Good poetic verses having a thought provoking message. Appreciations writer.


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