Category : POETRY
Author : Ayesha Subhan
‘Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik!’
and with that Resonant Sound,
I’m Onward Bound.
For the Eternal Creator’s Sake!
On the Journey of a Lifetime;
A Pilgrimage, in Answer to a Call Divine.
A Voyage of Discovery,
A Mission of Self Recovery.
With a Pure Heart,
I Embark on a Fresh Start.

Seamless White Fabric makes my ‘Ihraam’,
And I drape it, in accordance to Allah’s Command.
It so resembles my ‘Kaffan’, my Shroud.
It makes me Humble, I’m no more Proud.
‘Mecca’, The City Highly Revered!
To all Muslims, a Glimpse Endeared.
The ‘Kaaba’, I Shall Circumambulate,
On the Aforementioned Date.
I’ll perform ‘Saiee’ between ‘Safaa’ and ‘Marwaa’,
Following in the Footsteps of ‘Bibi Hajraa’.

At ‘Mina’, I’ll encamp for a short stay.
After Sunrise, to ‘Arafah’, I’ll make my way.
At ‘Muzdalifah’, I’ll spend a single night.
At the ‘Jamaraat’, The Devil I shall smite.
Sacrifice a Goat, Lamb or a Camel,
As is the Ordained, Prescribed Ritual.
Thence, Proceed for a Custom Tonsure,
To Submit to Him, Bereft of Rancour.

At ‘Medina’, I’ll undertake a brief ‘Ziyaarat’;
The City Of Light, of the Esteemed ‘Hijrat’.
Praying, Supplicating for the ‘Ummah’ and all Mankind.
‘Yaa Allah!’, Guide the Deaf, Dumb and the Blind.
Lord Almighty! Accept My ‘Hajj’;
Indeed! You are the Best Judge.
Let me return, enveloped in Wisdom and Peace.
Let my inner turmoil and corruption cease.
You alone can deliver me from the Fire of Hell!
Admit me Into Paradise, where I may dwell!


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