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Author : Aura Staff

Alhamdulillah, this year Allah SWT has honoured me by inviting to visit HIS house. For so
many years I was waiting for this invitation….Alhamdulillah.

Initially I was very excited but as the day of departure comes closer and closer, the excitement has been supplemented by fear, the fear of visiting the blessed and sacred land where Ibrahim AS and Ismail AS and our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Companions lived andwalked. I will be standing at the same place, In Sha Allah, where Rasoolullah SAW once stood. Allahu Akbar. May Allah make it easy for me..

When I think about Hajj, especially as a woman, what strikes me much is Saee. In today’s world where everyone is talking about feminism, around 4000 years ago, a woman undertook tremendous efforts for her child and Allah SWT liked her act so much that till the Day of Judgement
HE made all the believing men and women follow in her footsteps. This tells us that if we focus on our God-given roles which includes the blessed
duty of being mothers, it will be immensely rewarding for us and In Sha Allah, we can leave behind a

If we talk about Hajj this year from an economic point of view, it is very expensive. Many
Muslims of lower socioeconomic classes cannot afford it.

May Allah bless all Muslims to visit HIS house and May the Ummah gets united as Hajj is
actually about unity….Ameen.


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