Author : Aura Staff
On the 22nd of June, 2022, Aura Readers Club West Bengal organized the monthly virtual experts’ review meet of the June issue of Aura e-Magazine. A host of subject experts, professors, social activists and academics participated in the meeting to offer their valuable critique on the June issue, which centred around the topic of Environment. Each expert was assigned one article from Aura’s diverse columns – such as the Cover Story, Life Lessons, The World of Politics, Education etc. The program was moderated by Dr Saba Taj. The speakers were: Dr Nousheen Baba Khan, Social Workers; Dr Shoma Choudhary Lahiri, Asst Professor, St Xavier’s College; Dr Reshma Khatun, Assistant Professor, Aliah University; Arjumand Ameen, Administrator, Genius National School; Ayesha Bilal, Vice President, MM Model School; Dr Alia Bilal, Research Associate, Regional Research Institute of Unani Medicine; Angelina Mantosh Jasnani, President, Catholic Association of Bengal and Dr Saima Bilal, Gynaecologist. Varisha Jamal, Afifa Jamal, Ayesha Sultana (Editor, Aura e Magazine) and Shayma S (Sub Editor, Aura e-Magazine) also participated and addressed the meeting. Some valuable comments on the length and quality of the articles as well as some useful points on the content were offered by the experts.


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