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In the previous issue, we featured one example of a school instilling and celebrating constitutional values in children. Here is another example…

New Al Wurood International School, Jeddah and Al Khozama International School, Dammam (B.E.S.T Schools) lay a strong foundation for moulding skills and values among students. We have established ourselves as pioneering institutions contributing significantly to the educational landscape of Saudi Arabia for over two decades. Human excellence being the focus, the schools embrace a quest to pursue knowledge, self-discovery and advancement. Occupying a lead role among others, the schools showcase exemplary results in all the fields that advocate a balance between social, psychological, emotional, and communal well-being. The schools strongly believe that teaching constitutional values is essential for fostering responsible citizens and building a robust democratic society. Hence, programmes are designed to propagate these values within the school community. The group school system incorporates dynamic and intense learning experiences, leaving an enduring impact on students. It also has a keen interest in observing our country’s significant festivals by upholding values like equality, diversity, and secularism while promoting respect for the various customs, traditions, and ways of life. Special assemblies are conducted to mark the occasions, thus embracing diverse themes and perspectives.

Celebrating the Constitution

Every year, the schools commemorate Constitution Day by reading out the preamble to students, engaging in interactive sessions on fundamental rights, and reviewing the constitutional structure. It is a valuable opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of our nation’s founding principles and the framework governing our society.

 Constitution Day not only educates students about the importance of the Constitution but also encourages them to participate actively in the democratic process. Students learn how the Constitution protects their citizenship rights and responsibilities through discussions. This event fosters a sense of civic duty and empowers the younger generation to become informed and engaged members of society.

The B.E.S.T schools annually organise the prestigious International Kids Film Festival (IKFF). Hosting the IKFF is more than just showcasing movies; it is a captivating voyage into the realms of imagination and creativity, imparting invaluable life lessons. This annual event represents a significant leap forward in visual entertainment, embracing various cultures, themes, and ideologies. Moreover, the feedback sessions provide a platform for students to voice their opinions and concerns, exemplifying the promotion of constitutional values.

The Scouts and Guides programme (affiliated with Bharat Scouts and Guides) promotes a sense of citizenship and civil obligation. This stresses the core values enshrined in the constitution and emphasises community service projects reflecting the socialist principles of working as a team. Not limited to classrooms, it promotes outdoor experiences while instilling values of leadership, equality, freedom of speech, liberty, etc.

Moulding Global Citizens

The B.E.S.T Group of Schools has hosted the B.E.S.T Model United Nations (MUN) Conference since 2011. It has provided opportunities for students to work with people of different nationalities and diversity, interact with peers from other schools from various countries as world citizens, discuss persistent global issues and find solutions to global concerns in a formal atmosphere. This is a practical approach to developing democratic processes and ideas concerning societal duty. Realising and using these principles in the broader context is the primary motto behind this experiential learning platform.

Youth parliament is organised every year, replicating the Indian parliament, which plays an indispensable role in shaping the future leaders of our nation. This unique platform allows young individuals to understand and experience the functioning of a democratic system firsthand. Youth parliament serves as a training ground for aspiring politicians, allowing them to develop essential skills such as public speaking, critical thinking, negotiation, and teamwork. It offers a safe space for youngsters to voice their opinions on various societal issues and propose solutions to bring about positive change. Moreover, youth parliament fosters a sense of civic responsibility among participants. Simulating the parliamentary procedures and debates educates young minds about the importance of active citizenship and encourages them to engage in political discourse. This experience helps them realise that they have a stake in shaping policies that affect their lives and empowers them to become more informed and responsible citizens. Furthermore, youth parliament promotes inclusivity by providing a platform for diverse voices to be heard.

The B.E.S.T schools take great pride in commemorating significant national occasions, such as Republic Day and Independence Day, with unwavering enthusiasm and zeal. These celebrations serve as a remarkable platform for instilling a profound sense of patriotism and fostering a deeper understanding of our country’s rich heritage among our esteemed students and students of various nationalities. We believe in honouring our nation’s milestones and embracing the diversity of our student body. Through these celebrations, we aim to cultivate a strong sense of national pride and unity while promoting cultural exchange and mutual respect among students from different backgrounds.

Republic Day

In honour of the momentous 75th Republic Day, the B.E.S.T schools orchestrated vibrant cultural events that fostered constitutional awareness and promoted unity among our diverse student body. The festivities were marked by various activities showcasing the essence of unity, diversity, and education. Notably, our exceptional Scouts cadets paid a magnificent tribute to the courageous freedom fighters in a truly awe-inspiring spectacle.

Moreover, the students of our esteemed KG section wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of the day by presenting captivating shows that encapsulated the pivotal principles of the Indian Constitution: unity in diversity. They enthusiastically performed patriotic songs and showcased their remarkable talents through various cultural events. It was indeed a sight to behold as these young individuals adorned themselves in costumes representing the diverse states of India, paying homage to their respective cultures and traditions.

At the B.E.S.T schools, we take immense pride in nurturing a sense of national pride and heritage among our students. Through these remarkable celebrations, we strive to cultivate a profound appreciation for our country’s values and instil a deep-rooted love for our great nation.


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