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“Go to your room, Meena!!”
Why are parents always so mad and fussy…? Meena banged the door of her room and sat down heavily; she was angry, too. They didn’t even listen to her anymore. They constantly yelled and argued with each other and then, “Go to your room, Meena!”

She was going on a trip from school the next day and had been excited about it for so long, but nobody cared! She had meant to talk to her mother and plan for that, but they had begun again before she could reach the kitchen. If only Grandma had gone on her pilgrimage some other time! Grandma would have helped and listened to all about her trip, but for now, she just had to listen to Mum’s scolding all day.

But more importantly, she had to do her packing and get up early the following day – she couldn’t be late for the trip! They were to go by bus to see all the important places in the city and all her friends were coming.

Before she could picture all the good things for the next day, it was morning again. Meena’s day had gone almost as enjoyable as she had hoped; they had visited all the city’s tourist sites, and the day’s last location was a nursing home. Meena was not very excited about seeing an old age home, but it was a part of their syllabus, so she just wanted it done quickly and went home.

The place itself was so neat and calm, with the little green garden and all sorts of handmade articles on the shelves, that Meena loved the looks of it already. The people were equally interesting. She introduced herself to everyone when she saw a lady who looked remarkably like her grandmother. But how was that possible? Grandma was in a different city so far away, she looked at her once, twice and couldn’t feel satisfied, until she went over and shook hands. It WAS her grandma! Grandma recognised her granddaughter at the exact moment. They hugged each other and couldn’t stop crying – and Grandma held Meena as if she would never let go.

“They told me you went on a religious trip!!” cried Meena

“They had to, Meena; they couldn’t have told you that your grandma was a burden.”

“Oh, but we’re family!”

“Your father doesn’t think so, but look, I have a family here”, said Grandma, turning to the other elders.

“But Mum and Dad are always fighting, and I miss you so much! Please come back.”

“I miss you too, dear, every single day…but I can’t come back,” she said, crying.

“I’ll make Father bring you back; you will come if he asks you?”

“That will not be the same, but you’ll come to see me sometimes?”

“Yes, but can’t you come even for your little child?”

“For YOU, child, someday. You are my only hope.”


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