Category : World Poetry Day

Children are dying at an alarming rate – thousands have been killed and thousands more injured. Around 1.7 million people in the Gaza Strip are estimated to have been internally displaced – half of them children. They do not have enough access to water, food, fuel and medicine.

When I close my ears
I hear the cry
Of the child under the rubble
Who will now soar into the sky

When I close my eyes
I see the father carrying a sack –
The limbs of his children
For whom he will never be able to get their favourite snack

When I look at my palms
I remember the mother
Who refused to wash her children’s blood from her hands
Because she may never hear their laughter ever after
When I look at the bread
I remember the little girl
Who died holding a piece of it in her hand
Clutching to it like a pearl

When I look at the little children of Gaza,
Their innocent faces, their beautiful hearts
Their brave smiles, high imaan
Tears trickle down my face,
But O Children of Gaza,
I know for sure
That humanity is dead, and you will live forever.


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