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The author is a Class IX student of Insight International School, Hyderabad

What is life? Is it the number of days you are alive or the number of days you are not dead? Should life be spent in enjoyment or earning? Is life supposed to be hated because sometimes it gets relatively problematic? Life goes smoothly, and it seems to be a dream. Life is erratic.

One thing about life that I know is that it has a positive and a negative side. It is important to understand how to live a happy life.

Most of us are sore in our lives for minor reasons, for example, not having a new phone model or simply not winning a competition where we performed hard. I know it is not simple to move on in life, but it’s not too problematic. Sometimes, you must try it by moving yourself away from those circumstances that hurt you. Especially those events that lie in your past.

Your past is gone, and it won’t come back, and what you did at that precise instant was the best of you. Hence, don’t burden yourself with what has happened. You can only play the part you are playing, not anyone else. So, never assume that you are weak because you are remarkable. One of the main aspects of life is emotions, your emotions. They are not restricted to a few, but we may have many emotions that we go through in diverse conditions. The vital question is, should they be exhibited or disguised by people around?

For better interpretation, let us consider one example: you want fresh air, so you go to a nearby beach. Then you start to enjoy the climate and go near the sea to swim, lose control, and start drowning. What will you do now? You call, shout, and scream for help. Do you remain silent at this point? No, you do not. Some emotions must be expressed to stabilise your mind and continue your life calmly.

When emotions are kept within you, they gain energy from you, and you lose your power. You constantly think about it and will never be able to focus on anything. Sometimes, letting go is better than holding on (not if you are holding a rope with a person on the other end!).

The topic of life is so vast to think about it. It has various aspects. Your life is completely dependent on the way you see things around you. Professor Dumbledore once said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times when one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Not everything goes according to you; you have to go according to life. If you want to live a happy life, you first should stop thinking about what people will say because it prevents you from doing what you like, which will eventually capture your freedom. The second thing you should do is forgive people; it feels like a heavy burden is removed from your chest. Finally, be yourself and feel the freedom. “Think from your brain. Do it with your heart.”


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