Hey there! I need your attention real quick.

Consider the following situation carefully- you find occupiers all around warning you to evacuate your homeland straightaway.

Sounds difficult.

It is not an easy task to abandon your home and the associated memories – the happiness cherished and shared during the birth of a child, the sorrow expressed on the loss of a beloved, the stories hidden behind the curtains of the hall, etc.
Yet, you put on a brave face and decide to evacuate your home with no idea of the future. As you leave your home, you’re hounded. You’re forced to witness the raw murder of your entire family in front of your eyes.
You decide to call the emergency services, but it is in vain. Surrounded by corpses of your loved ones, you’re left to only hope for a miracle (if at all).
Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?
Sadly, the incident above occurred not in our homes but in the lives of a family in the Tel al-Hawa neighbourhood in Gaza City.
It is even sadder to witness the silence of the International Community, which seems to have lost even the tiniest tit-bits of humanity.

The Backstory

On 29th January, six-year-old Hind Rajab, along with six of her relatives, decided to flee from their neighbourhood in the Gaza Strip due to the intensified attacks of the Israeli Forces.

Unfortunately, their vehicle, a black Kia car, was soon targeted and attacked by the brutal Israeli army. The attack launched by an Israeli army tank had killed Hind’s uncle and aunt, along with three of her cousins.
Hind and her cousin, Layah Hamadeh, managed to survive and immediately telephoned the Red Crescent for help. The audio recordings suggest that a terrified Layah cried out, “They are shooting at us. The tank is right next to me. We’re in the car; the tank is next to us.”

Whilst on the line, Layah Hamadeh was also shot dead, leaving Hind alone.
Hind kept on asking the Red Crescent to save her via phone as she hid in the car surrounded by the corpses of her family.

“I’m so scared, please come, Come take me. You will come and take me?” were some of her last words on her 3-hour-long phone call before Hind met her tragic fate.
The Palestinian Red Crescent collaborated with the Health Ministry and Israeli military, aiming to guarantee the safe passage of the rescue team in an ambulance.

However, the aid agency lost contact with the ambulance, and the fate of Hind and the paramedic crew was unknown for 12 long days. The ambulance reportedly indicated that the Israeli military was targeting them, reporting laser lights targeting them, before the sounds of gunfire or an explosion before the connection was completely lost.

On 10th February, Hind’s family returned to the neighbourhood after the withdrawal of the Israeli military and found the burnt vehicle smashed to pieces, bullet holes visible along the sides of the car, along with the corpses of Hind and her relatives. A few meters away, the ambulance was found completely wrecked owing to an Israeli missile launched against them. Both the paramedic workers, namely Yusuf al-Zeino and Ahmed al-Madhoun, were also found dead.

The Lament of a Mother

Hind’s mother was eagerly waiting for her daughter “any moment, any second” before her body was found. Imagine the grief and sorrow sustained by Hind’s parents on receiving her body.
Hind’s mother, Wissam Hamadeh, said this was the most difficult feeling ever. “This is her weapon, a crown that she was wearing,” said Wissam, pointing to the possessions Hind treasured. To this day, Wissam holds the little pink bag that contained a notebook where Hind had been practising her handwriting. Wissam also said that her six-year-old daughter dreamt of becoming a doctor one fine day with the intention of helping others.
“How many more mothers are you waiting to feel this pain? How many more children do you want to get killed?” said Wissam, demanding accountability.

The Judgment Day

“For every person who heard my voice and my daughter’s pleading voice yet did not rescue her, I will question them before God on the Day of Judgement,” said Hind’s mother, choking with grief. “Netanyahu, Biden, and all those who collaborated against us, against Gaza and its people, I pray against them from the depths of my heart.”

Wissam said she could only hope her child would “rest in peace” — and that they would one day be reunited.

“I hope I see you in heaven, my baby,” prayed Wissam, unable to control her emotions.

This is why there has to be a Judgment Day! There has to be; one may not just get away with this.
The belief in the Day of Judgment provides hope to millions across the globe, including the oppressed Palestinians. To firmly believe in our Creator’s Justness and know He shall deliver justice to its fullest.

There shall be full accountability for every action, reaction, intention, etc. On that day, the corrupt may not escape, and the good-doers are rewarded.
Likewise, the Qur’an states:
“Therefore, whoever performs [even] a tiny particle of a good deed, he will see it[s fruits]. And, whoever perpetrates a tiny particle of an evil deed he will see it[consequences too].”

None shall be oppressed on that day. Facts and figures shall be apparent, leaving nothing to hide. The corrupt shall have nowhere to hide and will be punished. The victims shall be rewarded for their patience and faith.

That shall be the Day of Recompense – wherein the wrongdoers realise their folly and the righteous are rewarded wholly.

You’re Having Tea, I see!

The newspaper read out in bold letters,

“Unrecognizable kids with limbs blown off, children barely breathing with unrecognisable faces, women assaulted yet again as they search for the remains of their child!” Did you just take another sip of tea without a single ounce of remorse?

Sadly, we have grown accustomed to this daily news without a single shred of regret.

Over 24,000 Palestinians have been killed, 60,000 wounded, and millions displaced from their homes.
These are not just statistics but have names and stories associated with each individual.

While one child dreamt of becoming a doctor to serve the community, another wished to be an engineer one fine day. These kids probably had no idea of their tragic fate and deserved better. Imagine the plight of the parents witnessing the massacre of their children. What must the widows be currently going through as she?

These are all unanswered questions that I beg our conscience to pay attention to. Would you still cry over not being served your favourite meal while the Palestinians are starving, even for a morsel? Isn’t it time that we mend our ways and sincerely pray for their well-being? Will we still neglect the various blessings bestowed upon us by the Almighty?

Ponder and let us remember Hind Rajab, lest we forget.


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