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Let me admire the warmness of the sun
Instead of its burn
Let me admire the stains on the moon
Instead of its soft white room
Let me admire the plain blue sky
Instead of the beautiful clouds that fly
Let me admire the eyes of a peacock
Instead of its broad, feathery frock

The ooze of the river
The hands that shiver
The eyes that glimmer
And bloom like never
Let me admire the digger
With the beauty of bitter
Though the mistake was bigger
But the beauty lies in the forgiver

The sound of a kind
Soothes my mind
When the wrath makes grind
Pleasure calls you from behind,
It tells the brain to unwind,
And does remind
Love, which isn’t easy to find,
Is accessible in the state of blind
Let me admire the generous fleece
Living in the world of peace

The hump of sand
And knob of roots
Makes a demand
Oh, man! Let me grow till fruits
Let me admire the greeny land
With a lighter heart and serene stand
Exquisiteness at its peak
Flaws get down by sleek

Beauty is in everything
The matter of sight is
Easy to find blemishes
The grace of the soul is
Everything is made perfect by the Creator
The distinct vision of the beholder it is.


  1. Sufaiya hasnan

    Woah masha allah bahutt khubbb…. Fantastic ????

  2. Ayisha Siddiqua

    Masha allah superb…

    • Afsar basha kj

      Masha allah FAMIYA MEHER

    • Sara amreen

      Masha allah famiya

  3. Arshad Hasan

    masha allah

  4. Mohammed khalid k

    Masha Allah excellent may Allah bless success

    • K.m.shaida tabassum

      Ma sha Allah????????

    • Tamkeen

      Masha Allah may Allah bless you with lot of success

  5. K.J.Haroon Basha

    Wow! Great poem. Congratulations for writing a mesmerizing poem.

    • K.m.shahida Tabassum

      Masha Allah

  6. afsar basha kj

    Excellent Awesome FAMILY MEHER

  7. Mohamed Tufail Sharif

    MashaAllah proud moments for your parents, may Allah succeed in all

  8. Fatima Zehra

    Mashallah!!! Beautiful dear!


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