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Quarratul Ain Ifrah is a young fiction writer from Kalaburagi, who has previously written Hunt Down the Memory Lane in 2022

“What will you become in the future?” The teacher asked us this when we were in 10th standard, and this question was quite difficult to answer quickly, for me at least. But all the girls were ready to raise their hands for medical; most of the boys were opting for engineering, with one or two for business. I was left with a question mark.

Selection of a career is a crucial turn in one’s life, and it is necessary to be done independently and reasonably but often, these decisions are negatively influenced by various social factors.

“You will waste your intelligence”; “It is not for good students like you” and “There is no scope” were some of the remarks I had to face when I decided to take up humanities.

Society makes us believe that students of greater intelligence opt for science, build rockets and create medicines, while the students who are believed to be “slow” take arts, and end up as teachers. Yet others, who do not want to ruin their reputation with arts or can’t risk with science, will be satisfied with commerce.

In a country like India, whose 63% of the population is youth, with an increasing competition for employment; career selection is likely to be quite difficult, yet most important.

Breaking The Prejudices

People tend to believe that in this world of science and technology, a career in science is the brightest option, but in an age where AI is competing in all human activities, the importance of humanities and social consciousness spurts even more. We have satellites and supercomputers, and we know every detail of the universe but what can humans do without humanity?

The importance of science in the coming time is true, but this fact need not undermine the significance of the social world, which also exists besides.

Knowledge of social and interpersonal skills, rights and responsibilities has always been and will be an integral part of our system.

Social science can help in broadening our outlook towards mankind, to help us question the existing structure and improve it, to increase the emotional intelligence that we lack, and in short, to produce the social skills that we need to be a worthy part of society. Because no matter how advanced a man becomes, he still needs a strong society behind him.

The Scope Of Humanities

But what place do the humanities have in the market? The scope here can be as comprehensive and worthy as any other stream. The person has a good chance in many sectors such as journalism and broadcasting, teaching, psychology, economics, history, art etc. Many firms and companies look for psychologists and English experts as public relations managers. Other options such as publishing, law, civil services, social services, counselling, social research, politics, management, advertisement and cinema, etc. also need to be considered.

Role Of Parents

Parents build up the individual. Consciously or unconsciously, they influence the decision of the student. They must take care that social and material value must not interfere with it, and emphasis be given to interest and ability.

Certainly, the parent wishes only the best for his child, but the responsibility of the parents remains just until they examine the uniqueness of the child and help him to work on it. Suppose there are unnecessary high expectations, social pressure, a problem with prestige, or indirect enforcement of opinions. In that case, the student cannot handle it all, destroying both his original potential and his forced adaptability.

Role Of The Student

The student must be able to resolve his decision independently, without heeding social criticism. He should rationalize with his parents if they oppose him.

There are various psychometric tests available that give career suggestions based on abilities. Without submitting to parental pressure and social impression the student must go after his interest and aptitude


  1. Altaf

    Overwhelmed by the words of young writer .. hats off to you have indeed expressed voice of many students who face the odds while choosing humanities as their aspiring career options.
    Hope more such writings from you in future .. astounding lines

  2. Mohammed Ziullah

    Great write up to motivate pupils in search of alternate avenues


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