Category : POETRY
Author : Ahmed Anzar K
Oh the Month of Dhul Hajj,
What an honor you store,
One of the Pillars of Islam gets its
existence in you,
Where everyone is equal before their Lord
There is no discrimination between the
Black & the white
Between the poor & the rich
Behold, where being mindful of
Allah is the best provision
Which you can take
A journey of self-realisation
A journey of struggle
A journey of patience
A journey of Supplications day & night
A journey of following on the footsteps of the
friend of the Lord
A journey which shows of what you are
Resides in you a rich history,
You bring back the memories of
Obedience of beautiful & highest order
By a Prophet to his Lord
By a Servant to his Master
By a Woman and Her Son To Their Creator
Reliance on Lord’s plan (Tawakkul) at every step
An act of Complete Submission with
no ifs & buts.
Ascension of ranks in here & hereafter,
When you defeat the whisperings of evil,
When you feel calm in front of the storm
When you contemplate on The Sun,
the Moon & the Stars
You realized & exclaimed the truth
which is the real truth
When you called out falsehood with valour
looking in its eyes
You give meaning to the real essence of
Obedience & Sacrifice


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