Category : POETRY
I have:
A face for you,
A face for them
A different face for everyone
A loving face for my kid
An honest one for my spouse?
A pleasant one for my parents

A goofy one for my friends
A concerned one for my patients
A happy one for relatives.
A friendly one for the neighbour
A rigid one for that stranger,

When I walk up to the mirror.
What face do I see?
Are my eyes calm,
lips leisurely lying in place…

Or are my eyes deep and hollow,
Lips with the corners stretched
painfully downwards

Turn your true expectant, prayer face
To no one but your Lord.
Be sure then what you see in the mirror
will improve..

The corners of your mouth, with strings
to your heart.

Curving it upwards into a smile, uplifts
the heart, like a puppet
Be sure again that what you see in the
mirror will improve.


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