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“This poem represents the state of a tormented soul blinded by worldly riches, trapped in lies and away from the Creator when hit by a calamity, there is nowhere to go.

Her eyes were swollen
Her lips were chapped
Nobody would care
She knew nobody would

Her voice was sore
And her nose was red
Nobody would come
She knew nobody would

Her hands were pale
And her face was ghostly
She waited hopelessly
Because she knew it would
never end

Her body was frail
Her feet were cold
Oh the poor lost soul
Who received no gain

She suffered all alone
She felt it all alone
Because the hustling world
was quiet in their own pain

“Man realises the truth of life when misfortune befalls him”


  1. Sayed

    Masha Allah..truth indeed

    • Sajida Momin



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