Author : Ummu Ramees
Teacher : Why are you late?

Student: I missed the bus ma’am.

Teacher : Why did you miss the bus?

Student: Because I couldn’t reach the stop on time.

Teacher : Why couldn’t you reach?

Student: Because I couldn’t reach the stop on time.

Teacher : You should have got ready in time. Why did you delay?

Student: Ma’am, actually the problem was I got up late. I couldn’t hear the alarm.

Teacher : What time did you go to sleep at night?

Student: : Actually ma’am, we watched some cartoons and didn’t realise it was 12. Only when Mom came and reminded us, we went to sleep.

Teacher : So, what is the real reason forbeing late?

Student: I was late to sleep.

Teacher : Do you know how it impacted the whole day of yours? And the entire class?

Student: Yes ma’am.

Teacher : So, children, it’s a lesson for all. If you want your day to be productive take care of your night schedule. Sleep well to witness a better morning to produce the best results. Is that clear?

Student: Yes ma’am. I am really sorry

Teacher : That’s like a good boy. If you realise your mistakes you have to say sorry and decide not to repeat the same mistake again.

All Student :Yes ma’am. We will take care.


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