Try writing a letter to yourself pretending that it’s written after a year or two complimenting yourself on your accomplishments of that period. This is a smart technique to encourage yourself to achieve more and also to list down what you are planning to achieve in the coming years. Ideas like this help to enhance and strengthen your belief in your ability and also develop your passion to work. Instead of letting the world lead you, allow yourself to be a leader.

Plan your future goals in a unique way that no one else has done! Instead of writing what you want to accomplish the next year and then trying to execute them, write yourself a complimenting letter on the achievements you will be making in the coming year, and mark the date, as a year later.

It will boost you a lot, will inspire you to achieve and will induce your motivation to achieve all the goals you wrote down so that you get this thank you letter. Let your achievement be in various categories. In the health section, include goals like I will only have certain specific meals or schedule a healthy diet to attain the proper body weight or care for your mental health. You should stay away from what provokes your anger and nervousness. In the sports area, you should stick to a fixed time for exercise and fitness care. On the social side, you can include strengthening your relationship with an old friend, maintaining a certain distance between you and one of your friends, or weakening a relationship with a particular friend because he hurts you often. In the religious field, make sure you pray on time, maintain the Fajr prayer or the Sunnah prayers, fast a day every month, read a book like the Prophet’s biography etc. In the field of education, read a book each month, follow up your education, study or share a training program to develop your skills.

Write down what you would like to accomplish during the next year, and be careful that you don’t write loads of them because then you won’t concede when some of the goals aren’t achieved. Sometimes your situation may change so that your achievement will be limited and you will get frustrated. So, write simple and small goals to achieve and then you can be pleased with what you have achieved.

Whenever a month or two passes and if you have achieved a goal from your list, make yourself a celebration, no matter small or big! This will motivate you to achieve more. Also, remember to present yourself with a small gift. Your success then becomes a reason to achieve more and work harder for those left on the list.
Try to hang the writings in your room, where you can see them more often. The more you gift yourself, the more you achieve. Place the gifts near to the message so that they urge you to work hard and achieve every single one of those goals.

This method of writing a letter to yourself will help to have a vision in your life for the coming years and also helps to be systematic in time management. This also helps you to be an achiever so that you see yourself as an incredible one. It also makes your steps clear in the life ahead, thus you will know when to say YES and when to say NO when any of your friends or relatives raises a question. It also makes you feel happy as you will see yourself as different, and you can rejoice in internal peace and external happiness. Your state of mind becomes stable and relaxed.

One feels withdrawn if he has no goals or plans for his life. This kind of technique will freshen your routine for a better life and it doesn’t make you feel bored as you always have the challenge to attempt and a goal to achieve. If those goals you write in the letter for the coming years are complicated, then you can reduce the period to six or three months. This will help to boost your strengths and treat your weaknesses. Also, specify all the values that you believe in and the morals that you adhere to, and the recreations that make you happy. Make sure the writing is natural and not formal. Do not forget to write down your fears and ways to overcome them. Try this smart idea and enjoy your achievements.

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    Truly a great and ‘a must try’ idea…
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