Category : Flash Fiction
Author : Ummu Ramees
“Come on. The workers have all gone. Let’s go and enjoy the sugar particles in the garbage bin.” Said the leader of the ants colony who was observing the cleaners cleaning the sugar factory after all the day’s work was done and everyone left.
The ants came out of their homes in groups and followed their leader patiently in a disciplined manner. Everyone had their fill and the leader announced it was time to go back. But one of them saw a big container full of sugar and exclaimed: “Hey look! There is so much sugar in that. I am not coming. I want to enter into that and stay inside for the whole night. I can eat and enjoy as much as I want. Who is coming with me?”
The leader and other senior ants warned them not to go. “It’s dangerous. You will be caught.” They shouted. The ants were in a hurry and paid no attention. They ate and ate and ate and slept. The next morning the cook of the factory came to make tea. He took out the ants, squeezed and threw them outside. A crow came and ate the bodies happily.


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