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Health is a multi-dimensional concept. Aura’s April issue celebrates that – from the various health concerns in the physical and mental realms to the necessity of spiritual health in the sacred month of Ramadan that is currently ongoing. The long shadow of the pandemic exposed the frailties of the human body as well as the structural weaknesses of the healthcare system overall. In this April ‘23 issue, we decided to focus on individual conditions and diseases that require greater attention – autism, lack of quality sleep, safe motherhood, nutrition etc.

Ramadhan is a month of reading, and particularly, reading, understanding and implementing the lessons of the Qur’an. Reading is of various kinds – from the ‘skimming vs scanning’ we are taught in school, to the more serious internalization of concepts that we often fail to do in a fast-paced world. The Qur’an, the ultimate book of guidance, was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw) in this holy month. The annual observance of fasting increased charity, voluntary worship and other accelerated forms of connecting with one’s Creator is but means to truly understand the excellence in behaviour and spirit that is expected of humankind, deemed to be ‘The Best of Creation’.

This journey begins right from childhood. Aura has always had a special place for its young readers, and the Ramadhan issue is no different. It contains both writings for children and by children. Children deserve kind spaces to explore their creativity in a world that often diminishes their talent and uniqueness. Ramadhan as experienced through their eyes is a special feature of multiple stories in this issue.

A particularly welcome piece of news for all our readers is that Aura is coming out with a special edition print issue for the month of May 2023, on the theme ‘Reviving Feminine Strength’. We encourage you all to read, support and share it with great enthusiasm.


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