There is nothing more wonderful than a
grandparent’s love and guidance for his or her grandchild.

My grandmother is my favourite person. Spending time with her is the best time in my life.
She loves me as my mother. I call her Nanna. Every year, I visit her during the Summer Vacation.
My Nanna always has sweets, chocolates and dry fruits for me. She has many childhood stories of my mother and mama which she always shares with me. I always enjoy these stories.

She started a school with my Nana-Abbu (grandpa). She is the principal of that school. My grandpa was
a learned man. It was his dream to open a school. I haven’t met him as he passed away two months before my birth. I really wish I could have met him. I know everything about him; he is so present in my mother’s conversations. He had a big collection of books, of around 4000 in his personal library.

My grandmother is very kind and generous. She is a great cook too. During vacation, she
always arranges parties for us. We celebrate birthdays, Eid Milan and have Iftars together.
She makes delicious food. My favourite dishes are aloo paratha, dahi vada, sheer khorma and dry fruit sherbet. We always have a great time together with my aunts, uncles and parents.

She always gifts me art and craft books when I go back to Kuwait. She always designs nice dresses for me. She also knows sewing. Last year during covid she sewed a gharara for me. I got second prize in my school’s virtual fancy dress competition. I think she is an all-rounder.

I pray to God to give my Nanna good health. I wish that one day I will also become kind, generous and loving like my Nanna.


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            May Allah help you in achieving your dream

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        Mashallah. Words are coming directly from heart

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    Good Article & very well written.
    Excellent Article about our Nanna

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    Mashallah.. I felt emotional after reading this article.. This article was a bit similar to my life.. Keep it!

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  13. salma bano

    Well written about grandma, the old generation are asset to youngerones..Their love towards grandchildren is immense..


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