Author : Iman Shakeel
The action of being honest with yourself sounds easy enough, but it’s usually not as straightforward as we would like it to be.

The passing of time is relentless, even when you choose to design your life to be the very best it can be. One day you wake up, and it’s January, and you are all thrilled about the possibilities for the year ahead. This is the year you’re going to get rid of all the things holding you back and master a well-lived life.

The other fine day, you capture that very first leaf falling off the tree and the next day, you realize that you are stepping into the new year. Where did the year go?

The truth is that change doesn’t come without action. If you aren’t living the life you desire, do not anticipate getting any closer to it without acting upon it.

Without action, you’re simply counting on luck, and that likely will not get you far. The day, you choose to take ownership of your own life is going to be your luckiest day.

Here are a few steps to design your life and live it well.

Be Honest With Yourself
The action of being honest with yourself sounds easy enough, but it’s usually not as straightforward as we would like it to be.

Take this fundamental example:

“Do you really want another piece of cake?”

I believe R Kelly says it finest when he sings: My mind’s telling me a NO.

My body … my body’s telling me YES.

Even when the problem pleads for an uncomplicated yes/no response, many of the time you will struggle to offer yourself one without a little fight taking place in your mind.

How will you understand what you really want if you are not being honest with yourself?

It’s when you convince yourself that whatever is fine, but then you wake up the following week with that exact same nagging sensation you had in the past.

Ask these questions: What in your life needs changing? What needs action?

When you address, be honest with yourself. It has to start with a base of honesty and openness if you’re going to design your life correctly. Now, when you’re honest with yourself you might create great deals of things that you wish to do something about it on.

These might vary in size and effort such as purchasing a new mattress so you can improve the quality of your sleep, selling your home, and transferring to the countryside to be closer to nature. Whatever comes up, keep a list of all the things that will bring you closer to your well-lived life.

It is very hard to think plainly when you’re constantly sidetracked by social media alerts and everyday life, so attempt to discover the time when you can go to a quiet place and actually think through your top priorities.

What you need is a little break if you do have a hard time coming up with a small list. That can be as extravagant as a little solo travel or switching off your cell phone for a couple of weekends occasionally.

Meditation can also do marvels when it comes to focusing and clearing your mind.

Whatever you do, find more time to be alone with your thoughts, without diversions.

With time more clarity will come to you. You’ll see the same things appearing over and over again. These are the ones that matter.

When will it be overwhelming, to do too much? You can’t go from your existing life to, overnight deciding that you’re going to sell your house and study for a degree in Physics and ending up being a routine at the fitness center.

Determine what is crucial to you. What will make the greatest distinction? If you could activate one thing on your list, what would it be and why? Choose accordingly and set a deadline for the same.

Setting a due date when you design your life is all about holding yourself responsible. When you don’t set yourself a due date, this is what happens. In the meantime, every time you think about how you haven’t taken action, you feel bad.

To prevent this, set yourself a deadline that is relative to the mental/emotional/physical effort of the action product.
For example, you’ve currently decided that you desire to minimize the variety and amount of unhealthy food you eat. This is something you can begin immediately and work on for several weeks while it ends up being a habit.

As another example, you have actually chosen that you desire to leave a rocky relationship. It may not be sensible to anticipate that this will happen next week as you are required to prepare where to live, who to rely on for support, and so on. The due date for this could be 3 or four months.

At the very same time, if you set yourself a deadline and wind up not fulfilling it, do not beat yourself up. Simply give yourself a brief extension and get back on track.

Lastly, Embrace every moment of your Life. It’s important to want to improve, however not at the cost of hating everything about your life now.

The theorist Alan Watts came up with something called “the backward law”.The idea is that the act of desiring to accomplish more is, in itself, an unfavorable thing since it strengthens that what you have now isn’t enough.

To put it simply, pursuing something just enhances what you lack in the very first location, and that makes you feel dissatisfied. There is a middle ground.

Pursue what you desire, but not at the expense of feeling dreadful about yourself. Now and then, embrace the life you have, and remain excited about what’s to come.

You’re more likely to act on something if you feel thrilled by it, instead of if you’re afraid of what will happen if you didn’t do it.

I’ve described a few steps to help you design your life and get you closer to a well-lived life. Remember that perfection will not come instantly. Simply, aim for the finest possible life you can live.

Decide where your concerns lie and what will improve your life in the long run. This is a process, so take it slow, enjoy the now, and keep moving on with every choice you make.


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