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Everyone has their reasons..let them be
As long as no one gets hurt or goes hungry
Everyone can be different, everyone is..
Being unique is beauty.

Everyone has different opinions
What’s okay for them may not be ok for me
But I could keep silent, let them be
As long as none gets killed or goes thirsty

White is plain pure, it means peace
But pass it through a prism
And they segregate you see,
Into multiple colors, A rainbow so pretty!

A dish is bland with the same ingredients
But mix and spice it up
Oh! It’s drool-worthy!
The different colours, taste and texture are what makes…
Everything extraordinary…

Don’t mind if they’re black or white
Don’t mind if they pray with their head on the floor
Or on their knees
Or standing straight and tall!

The religion that we need now
So urgently
Is HUMANITY. That’s all the spirituality we need..
After all, we only share this world
It actually belongs to the Almighty!

Let’s guard this world fiercely
Against those who divide,
For their selfish lust for power.
Let’s make this a place of peace for our children to be..

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  1. Shihab Karuvarakundu

    Nice ink with Great message👍❣️
    Congratulations dear Sister Poet 💐💐


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