Author : Ummu Ramees

Roshan: I won’t do the project well this time.

Reshma: Why? Last time you did so well and your teachers were appreciating you?

Roshan: Ya, that’s true. But you don’t know the price I had to pay for that.

Reshma: Whaaat? You had to pay money for that? Did you bribe your teachers?

Roshan: No, no. I didn’t mean that.

Reshma: Then what? I don’t understand you.

Roshan: I will explain to you. Do you know my best friend?

Reshma: Ya, who doesn’t know? We all know that it is with Shine that you made a close friendship after joining the new school. He came to our home also. What happened to him?

Roshan: Nothing. But you know what? He doesn’t talk to me much nowadays. He is not including me in the games we all used to play together.

Reshma: Why? And what has that to do with your project work?

Roshan:  You know that I did the project very well. Everyone appreciated it and I also got good grades.

Reshma: So what? This time your teachers’ expectations will be higher and you should do even better than last time. That’s how we get better. I am very proud that you are my brother.

Roshan:  No, I will not do well this time.

Reshma: You are saying the same thing again. Come to the point. Why?

Roshan:  You see, before I joined the school this year, Shine had been the topper and he used to get all the appreciation. Last time when teachers appreciated me and I got better grades he became so sad and he started hating me.

Reshma: But you haven’t done anything wrong.

Roshan:  I know. But he started bullying me and alienating me from playing. He spread hatred against me among our classmates saying I do not belong to them, I am from a different place etc.

Reshma: But that shouldn’t stop you from doing well in your assignments and projects. Your grades will go down.

Roshan:  What else can I do? I can’t bear this isolation.

Reshma: I am your elder sister, right? I also had to undergo all these. But Mama used to guide me and I was able to overcome all that.

Roshan:  Ok. Tell me what I should do.

Reshma: See, this is the result of jealousy. Just because someone is jealous of you, you can’t stop being good. Then you are becoming a victim of that evil feeling.

Roshan:  Then what should I do?

Reshma: You continue to be as best as possible in studies and behaviour even with Shine. Slowly, he will change. If not, then also you need not have to worry about that. Mama always says that patience pays a lot in dealing with such people.

Roshan:  Ya, that sounds sensible. I will not go back. I will try to make my project as best as possible.

Reshma: That’s like a good boy. And you ask Shine if he needs any help. You can help him to make his project as best as possible. But never allow anyone to blindly copy. You can guide on how to make. That’s it.

Roshan:  That sounds workable. Moreover, his reaction will not be as strong as last time. Until last semester, he got so used to getting all praise for himself and when it fell on me, he would have taken me as an enemy.

Reshma: Good that you are understanding the psychology behind his behaviour now. One more thing. Some people will not change however good you are. Don’t worry. The world is like that. Try to make friends with others and go ahead.

Note: Parents can make children do this activity
Find out two instances from history of jealousy which led to even killing of innocent people.
If you were in the place of Roshan, what would you do?
3) If you were in the place of Shine, what would you do?
Find out at least two quotations from great personalities on jealousy and note them down in your diary or journal.


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