Category : POETRY
Author : Zenith Khan

This poem is for the innocent souls who have lost their lives,
writes Zenith Khan

I don’t know how it feels
So I can’t tell you how it will heal.
I can’t tell you I have been there
Because I am in my room without any of that stress.
Trust me when I say that, with Allah is the answer of all your struggles
You are soldiers not just of one land but of the whole Ummah
I can see, it is hard because it makes us cry even though we are miles apart
The sounds of your kids crying make our hearts ache even this far.
You are innocent there is no denying.
The houses you lose today will be replaced with palaces in paradise.
Seeing your grief I mourn for the comfort that I show off.
For now, I know my Lord is pleased with the martyrs like you.
We know what is the end of this so never lose hope.
You are not only fighting for your right but uniting us all.
Your patience makes me question how good I am.
I may not know all of your names but my prayer is with you all the time.
On that day when sweat will cover us all, you will be Inshallah with lights and hopes.
When the best of Judge will call us out we will tremble in fear and will be lost.
We will look up to Allah and ask for Paradise but Paradise will come and ask for you!!!

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  1. Rafia Sultan

    So heart touching poetry
    May Allah grant our brother and sister victory


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