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Renowned poet and journalist Jacinta Kerketta, celebrated for her sensitive and grounded writings addressing injustices faced by Adivasi communities, made a brave decision on 21st November 2023. She received a call and later a message notifying her of being selected for the ‘Aaj Tak Sahitya Jagriti Udyman Pratibha Samman’ by the India Today Group. The accolade, recognising her poetry collection, was accompanied by a prize of Rs. 50,000, with the award ceremony scheduled in Delhi on 26th November. However, Kerketta chose to decline the honour. In a statement conveyed to the news portal EastMojo, she expressed her lack of enthusiasm, stating, “I am not feeling any thrill or happiness from the news of this honour. Because respect for life is missing from the lives of many people.” Kerketta also emphasised on the plight of the tribals in Manipur, central India, and worldwide, living without due respect or any redressal of their historical exclusion and current plight. “My heart remains troubled. This is a prestigious honour. But I am not taking it,” she asserted in her message. Kerketta, a member of the Oraon Adivasi community in West Singhbhum district, Jharkhand, is a poet, writer, and freelance journalist who writes in Hindi. Her poetry collections, such as ‘Angor’ (2016) and ‘Jadon ki Zamin’ (2018) have won awards. Notably, her work has been translated into German, Italian, and French.

Fahad Shah returns home

Fahad Shah, a Kashmiri journalist, was released on bail from a terrorism case by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court last week, marking the end of his nearly two-year incarceration. On Thursday (November 23), Shah returned home, greeted by relieved family and supporters.
Shah’s release follows a legal battle that raised concerns about press freedom and the treatment of journalists in conflict zones. His return is seen as a significant development, not only for him personally but also for the broader conversation about the rights and safety of journalists operating in sensitive areas.
The case had drawn attention from human rights advocates and media organizations, who had been calling for Shah’s release, asserting that his detention was an infringement on freedom of the press. As he steps back into freedom, Shah’s experience highlights the challenges faced by journalists reporting from regions marked by conflict and political tension. His story prompts reflection on the importance of safeguarding the rights of journalists and ensuring their ability to operate without fear of reprisal for their work.

48 Palestinian journalists killed

Since the start of the latest offensive on Gaza by Israel, a tragic and alarming statistic has emerged – 48 Palestinian journalists have lost their lives. This distressing number highlights the perilous conditions under which journalists are operating in the region, facing significant risks to their lives while fulfilling their crucial role of reporting on events on the ground. The deaths of these journalists underscore the broader challenges faced by media professionals
working in conflict zones, where they are attacked mercilessly and find themselves and their families directly targeted by occupying armies such as Israel.


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