Category : POETRY
Author : Husna Fatima

I have a baby in my hand whose smiles fill my day.
She has a baby in her hand with airstrikes filling her day.

I have a baby in my hand with birds chirping on the tree.
She has a baby in her hand with bombs dropping on a spree.

I have a baby in my hand with food cooked in mineral water.
She has a baby in her hand with no baby food and muddy-gravel-sewage mixed water.

Not long ago, my baby was in the NICU
With doctors to attend and nurses to tend.

Her baby was in the NICU, the hospital shut down due to a power down.
With doctors shot and then whatnot, dead lay her baby in the cot!

I breathe into my baby for the “baby smell” before she gets old.
She breathed onto her baby’s body as she got cold.

I hug my baby tight and kiss her good night.
She hugged her baby tight and kissed her goodbye.

I lay my baby down for the night.
She laid her baby down, deep into the ground for all the nights.

My God! My God! The Humanity!
Has lost all its sanity.
With bloodthirsty hounds doing the rounds.
With authorities complicit, with no cease and desist.

I HAVE a baby in my hands.
She HAD a baby in her hands.

– A human being with an ALIVE heart.


  1. Gausiya bepari

    MashaAllah. Very touching poetry.

  2. Dr Saba Taj

    Heart Touching

    • Sadiya khanam

      Dil ko maghmoom kardiya

  3. Sumayya

    Maa Shaa Allah heart touching ?


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