Category : POETRY

A crowded road it was
Better than empty roads here.

To reach there, tough journey it was
Better than simple journeys here

The pain was slight after all that was borne.

Oh people why so you cry, I am not dead why do you cry?
Oh my people I am with the best people (the Shuhada and Anbiya)
Hope you soon come here and we’ll meet then together.
Only if you knew how worth it is up here, don’t grieve at all, don’t be heartbroken.
All that is a journey to come here, after the journey paths are easier.
I wish I could have more wounds to show to Allah, more I’d show to him and he would elevate my ranks out of pity.
Oh, my people! I met so and so (their martyred relatives or friends), we had a good journey so why do u cry .
The sound of bombs does not reach here, our children on this road are as joyful as ever, we’re getting bread, olives and water. The vain talks of leaders do not reach here ever.
And I can walk here long without getting bombed. It’s peaceful everywhere, I’ve never seen it there.
We heard we’ll get to sleep without worrying and even get up the next day!
The sky here is weird, it’s not grey it’s blue
The land here is unique, it’s green not grey.
Our homes here are nostalgic, they’re whole, not broken.

Only one thing I don’t find, oh my wife u should come here soon.
Oh people, you should soon come here.


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