Category : POETRY
Author : Vania Syed

My Veil is No Shame
I wear my hijab like a crown,
Different days, different colours red blue or brown
Wrapping it around my head with dignity & pride,
Self-reliance oozing from inside,
It reminds me that I am a confident Muslimah,
One who is trying her very best to obey her Lord,
One who cannot be stopped by any cord,
One who is waiting for her reward,
My veil will never reflect any shame,
I am the queen, with a beautiful name
I wonder, what do these people achieve
By attacking what I choose to wear,
What I choose to cover myself with,
What will they get by looking at my hair,
My veil will always be with me,
As my Lord says in the Quran
To cover ourselves
That surely does not mean that we aren’t free,
You say my hijab makes me oppressed,
Your mentality makes you look depressed,
Why does it even bother you?
The way I am dressed,
It protects us as it’s our case.


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