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Sometimes, you must do justice to yourself by not sticking to the same place.

This book ‘Out of the Maze’ is a sequel to one of the best-selling books ‘Who moved my Cheese.’ Before I start the maze I should first give an overview of what happens in the latter, in which Dr. Spencer talks about how to deal with difficult times in life. The story starts with 4 little characters, two were mice named Sniff and Scurry and two were little lads Hem and Haw, who run through the maze to find the cheese that would nourish them. The maze was a network of corridors and chambers, some dark corners and a few of them blind alleys leading to nowhere. One day they found a lot of cheese at cheese station C and kept returning with the thought that they would return to the same place again and again and hence Hem and Haw built their home nearby. They had no idea where that cheese came from and assumed that the cheese would be there but one day it suddenly vanishes. The two mice Sniff and Scurry set off right away in search of new cheese but the two little lads had no clue of what to do next and were left behind. Haw suggested to Hem -things have changed and they too need to edge forward but Hem remains stuck to his words, shows resistance and eventually, Haw leaves in search of new cheese. Finally one day Haw returned with some small pieces of cheese but Hem seemed reluctant of getting his own cheese back. Haw further insisted Hem come with him, but still, Hem refused and that was the last time Hem had seen his friend.
Here, the first story ends with Haw accepting the challenges of his life and moving ahead leaving Hem behind. In ‘Out of the maze’ – Hem stayed in his home at cheese station C in a hope that the cheese would reappear later, the days passed but there were no signs of cheese. Until now he thought his friend would have returned but now he feels that his friend has betrayed him and left him alone which in turn made him furious, as more and more thoughts kept on pondering his mind. He even thought about why he didn’t go with Haw, his thoughts kept on changing with the passage of time. There may be a chance that Haw got lost, maybe he is injured, or Hem misses his friend and is literally starving. Hem needs to go out, that’s where he steps forward in the world of challenges .
Through this book, Dr. Spencer unfolds how our thinking becomes a restriction to our existence and we linger jailed in our minds, the book leads you to the path where you realize your own capabilities of what you can do to find your cheese. There is cheese for all of us. We need to get out of our comfort zone and face all the obstacles, very often you may not get a solution through your old beliefs as clearly mentioned in this book – OLD BELIEFS DO NOT LEAD YOU TO NEW CHEESE. Hem at first didn’t find any way out for finding his cheese as well as his friend Haw, therewith he also met another tiny character named Hope in the juggled-up maze. Hope, who seems to be quite optimistic towards life, asked Hem certain questions that made him think out of the box which further made him question his own existence in the maze. One of the questions was –’I wonder what’s outside the maze?’. Similarly, we tend to meet people in our lives that tend to make us question our own existence in a certain miserable condition.
Some people made us question our own beliefs as clearly mentioned in the book – “ A BELIEF IS A THOUGHT THAT I TRUST IS NOT TRUE, AN OLD BELIEF CAN HOLD YOU AS A PRISONER, YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MIND, AND YOU CAN CHOOSE A NEW BELIEF, SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT BEFORE YOU CAN SEE IT.” and many more such phrases can be seen in this book. The book entails that all beliefs are worth examining and the key is to notice your beliefs and test them, not necessarily discard them. This book guides you to believe in the idea that you were put here for a reason and that you have unique value to offer the world. Through the example of Hem, this book provides you a way to deal with different life situations. There are times we start late but the ultimate aim is to reach the final destination by believing in the process.
Accept reality and do not get stuck to the past. Life is a journey and we have to keep going in motion. One can be fast as Haw or can be late as Hem but the only need is to understand this lesson. Your fate would be decided by the decision you have taken in life. Many times it will happen that you need to make substantial choices to be at the same place where you are or to give yourself a chance which seems to be quite agonising and maybe you won’t know what will happen next if you are going to choose such a path, but you never know what sweetness awaits you at the next existing door.
Sometimes, you must do justice to yourself by not sticking to the same place.


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