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Women’s education, since time immemorial, has been suffering the consequences of
different modes of discrimination and injustice, the recent one being the Hijab Ban at
educational institutions. This ban has curbed the right to education for many girls, especially
in the state of Karnataka, where the hijab issue initially took off. As the recent People’s Union
for Civil Liberties (PUCL) report shows, since the hijab ban in Karnataka, several girls have
dropped out of school in the state and this ban can have an adverse effect on the education
of Muslim girls. While the right to education and freedom of expression of the girl students
are jeopardized, this issue of Aura brings forth an analytical discussion on the topic. The
cover story expresses the untold woes of girls in their journey of attaining education. It is
doubtless that an educated woman stands a better chance of leading the nation towards

Aura is on the verge of celebrating its second anniversary. It takes pride to present its 24th
issue with a lineup of interesting write-ups and interviews to cater to the interest of its
readers. Our contributors have discussed the importance of familial love to ensure stability
and prosperity in the family. Strong and stable families alone can give rise to powerful and
civilised societies.

Lest we forget the terrors of the month of February which reminds us of the Gujarat pogrom
of 2002. The barbarism displayed therein still haunts many of its survivors. Rather, the
intensity of the violence is again afresh in the minds of people with the recent injustice
meted out on Bilkis Bano. Aura will always stand for truth and justice and continues to be the
voice of the oppressed.


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