Category : POETRY
Author : Aliza Ziya

One Life, One God, One Truth, One Death.
Yesterday, I kept a flower on your grave,
God, take a look at my eyes and notice the love that I crave,
I’ve been thinking a lot, and haven’t slept or eaten in days,
Oh God, when are these days going to end
When will I be finally able to see a new sunrise,
Yesterday, I also went to our favourite restaurant,
Each time that I go there alone, a part of me dies.

God, I don’t ask for help from anyone but you, I think you should tell us that all of this is a lie,
I’ve put all my faith in Him because when my mother was at the lowest, only God took her to the ultimate high,
God, with all the prayers that we’re offering, if they made us choose between our religion or the nation,
Religion is where I’ll draw the line.

All this pain that you’re giving me, I take with me as a souvenir,

I believe the Holy Book when it says
“God never wastes a worshiper’s tears”


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