Author : Ummu Ramees

 Son : I am so excited; we are going shopping today.

Mom : I don’t like to spend so much time outside. The last ten days of Ramadan are very special. I want to spend them in prayers and learning about the Quran.

Dad : That’s true. I wanted to finish it all before Ramadan, but what do we do, my dear? Our budget did not allow it.

Mom : Ya, you are correct. Anyway, we will spend minimum time and finish all the shopping.

Dad : Let us go to the nearest shop across the street. The shopkeeper is from our place, and he is in need. Let it be a help for him.

Son : No, Dad. I want to look different on Eid day. I want to buy something unique. He won’t have much collection.

Daughter : I also want to go to the town and make a purchase.

Mom : No, not at all. First of all, it is one one-hour journey. Considering the traffic of the season, it may take more time.

Dad: And the dresses are very expensive also.

Son: Come on, Dad. It is Eid. We want to celebrate.
Daughter: Yes. And it’s fun going out during the night.

Mom: Which night are you talking about? On one of these nights, the Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and we are fasting to commemorate that.

Dad: The Qur’an says the same Jibreel (A) who brought the revelation comes on one of these nights with an innumerable number of angels to the earth with the decree for us.

Mom: And you want them to see us busy roaming the market? No way. I can’t even think about that.

Daughter: Come on, Mom, you started your lecture again!

Dad: No, dear. It’s not a lecture. She is telling the truth. We must understand the purpose and spirit of each celebration.

Son: What is the problem? We are not indulging in any prohibited act. Allah has prescribed this celebration for us.

Daughter: Dad, you only say that we must wear the best dress, eat the best food and enjoy on Eid day, don’t you?

Dad : Yes. But that doesn’t mean we should make it a competition and spend too much time and money on looking different from others. Even on things that are allowed, Allah does not like extravagance.

Son: My friends will make fun of me if I wear a dress bought from the local shop.

Daughter: All my friends are buying dresses from branded shops in the town.

Mom : You both want to look different, right? If all your friends wear dresses from expensive brands, they will all look the same. And you will look different in the dress from our local shop.

Son : Come on, Mom. You always come up with such logic. We can’t win you on that.

Dad : Mom is correct. You remember last year, we went to the town in search of the best dress? Finally, Mom didn’t buy anything for her because she didn’t like any of them.

Daughter: That was because they were above mom’s budget.

Dad : Not only that, but she didn’t find a good selection. Finally, she bought it from the local shop.

Mom: It was worth the price, and I still use it. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Son: OK, ok. So, what is the decision?

Dad : First, we will try in the local shop. If nothing is available, we will consider going to the town.

Mom : But before going, make up your mind on two things. Your selection should be within the budget, and we are not wearing dresses to look different but decent.

Daughter : Our teacher told us we should save money to give to the poor and needy.

Dad: The greatest joy is giving rather than spending everything on ourselves. Seeing the smile on someone’s face because of us always pleases me.

Mom: That’s why charity is important in every celebration.

Son: My friends and I plan to raise money to help one of our classmates. He is an orphan, and his mother is sick. He and his sister don’t even have proper school uniforms.

Dad: That’s a great idea. But if you spend so much money on your dress and other things, how will you have money to contribute to that?

Son: That’s what I am thinking.

Daughter: I have an idea. You spend only 50% of your Eid dress budget—the remaining you can give for that.

Son: I think that’s a good idea. Please do the same and give me the remaining amount. Then, it will be enough to buy a dress and rations for the whole family.

Mom: That’s a great idea. I am sure you both will be happier than ever to see the happiness of that family.
Daughter: In that case, going to the local market is better.

Dad : Alhamdulillah. See how sensible our children are. This is how you should look different.

Activity :

1. List three ways through which you can make others happy.

2. Write one act of charity that you did. How did you feel after doing that act?

3. List the items purchased for you during the last year and now you feel that could have been avoided and saved for better use.

4. What advice would you give to your friend who spends money lavishly on junk food?


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