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New Delhi: Earlier this month, the Department of Women, JIH, organised a three-day writing workshop for women from all over the country titled Ihsan: Perfecting the Narrative.

Organised at JIH Markaz, the workshop’s objective was to cultivate excellence among aspiring Muslim women writers from diverse backgrounds. Hence, the name Ihsan – as the resource persons- repeatedly emphasised the need for excellence in all writing and journalistic research fields. It was led by field and subject experts—journalists, writers, and experienced professionals. Over 31 participants took part in the workshop.
The workshop aimed to train the participants in diverse fields of writing: creative writing, writing for children, journalistic writing, using multimedia and AI tools to enhance writing, organisational writing, and some foundational lectures on writing and editing.

Journalists including Aditya Menon (Political Editor, The Quint), Fatima Khan (The Quint), Aishwarya Iyer (Freelance Journalist), Ismat Ara (The Frontline), Meer Faisal (Independent Multimedia Journalist) and Yusra Hasan (Scriptwriter) led some of the sessions. Other sessions were addressed by Muhiyudeen Ghazi (Secretary, JIH), Rahamathunnissa A (Secretary, JIH), Mohammad Atiqur Rahman (Secretary, HRD, JIH), Syed Tanveer Ahmed (Secretary, Markazi Taleemi Board), Mohammad Salman Ahmed (Asst Secretary, JIH), Nihal Kidiyoor (Media Dept, JIH), Rabia Basri (Asst Secretary, JIH), Dr. Irfan Waheed (Asst. Secretary, Tasneefi Academy) and others. Sameena Afshan, (Editor of Aura e Magazine,) and Sumaiya Maryam (Convenor, Ihsan) also addressed some of the sessions. A panel was also exclusively dedicated to JIH publications and their experience sharing, in which editors from Radiance Viewsweekly, The Companion, IndiaTomorrow and Aura e-Magazine participated.

The participants enthusiastically participated in all the sessions, including exciting activities such as a competition to depict Ihsan artistically at the end of their three-day stay, explored JIH Markaz, and interacted with the resource persons after the sessions.

Syed Sadatullah Husaini, Ameer e Jamaat, delivered the concluding address on the various kinds of writing that ought to be taught and how this is also connected to the importance of reading.


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