Author : Bint Shareef

The author argues that “we should know the worth of this beautiful life, spread goodness, comfort others through our presence, and leave positive impressions wherever we tread.” Read to find out more.

Life is a marvel. It is indeed a profound journey. People are born; they live on this earth for a certain period & eventually pass away. The duration granted to everyone to live in this world remains uncertain. Yet, it is certainly within the grasp of every person to craft a life adorned with purpose & make it fruitful & memorable.

With each sunrise, a fresh day comes as a precious gift, offering abundant opportunities and spreading a new canvas to paint vibrant colours. So, every morning, as you awaken, greet the day with cheerfulness, embracing the new dawn as a golden opportunity to rectify past mistakes, pursue unfinished goals and accomplish pending tasks. It’s another chance to turn dreams and aspirations into reality. It is important to remember that humans perpetually strive to pave their path easily and comfortably. The marvels of modern inventions, from lightning-fast computers to swift aeroplanes and efficient household appliances, seem designed to maximise our time. They offer us efficiency and convenience, streamline our tasks, and save time for more meaningful pursuits.

However, amidst this rush for efficiency, it’s essential to pause and reflect: Where does this saved time disappear to? Are we utilising it for noble endeavours? Are we contributing to the betterment of our society? Are we committed to enriching the beauty of our world? These questions summon us to introspect and evaluate our actions.

Often, man tends to harbour selfish thoughts and merely contemplates what life has bestowed on him. He frets over what others have done for him. Rarely does he ponder over his contributions to others. A short story in a self-help book is so endearing: Once, a man was ardently polishing and dusting his new car, brimming with enthusiasm. His neighbour, watching him, inquired, “Your new car looks splendid. When did you buy it?” He replied, “My brother gifted it to me.” Promptly, the neighbour remarked in a longing tone, “I wish I had a car like that!” The man cleaning the car proudly replied, “Please wish to have a brother like mine!” This statement carried a deeper meaning. A bystander, overhearing their exchange, reacted with profound sentiment. “Ah! I wish I could be such a brother,” he murmured. What a sublime aspiration he had! How noble were his intentions!

Broadly, people can be categorised into “Givers” and “Receivers.” Givers usually focus on what their contribution to society can be. While a receiver often dwells on thoughts such as “I have nothing”, “No one gives me anything”, “I should have got that”, “I do deserve to receive this actually”, etc. Givers always find contentment and joy in contributing to others. In contrast, receivers often suffer dissatisfaction and unhappiness due to unending greed and relentless pursuit of more. Therefore, we must decide whether to spend our precious gift of life in happiness and satisfaction or unhappiness and malaise.

Amidst such contemplation, lest we forget an important aspect: the Creator has endowed us with this life and has ordained a purpose for it. We will be held accountable before that Creator, regardless of whether we succeed or fail in fulfilling that purpose. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) beautifully articulated this concept, saying, “This world is sweet and green (full of prosperity). The Creator will entrust you with responsibilities and will assess how you fulfill them.” Hence, we should know the worth of this beautiful life, spread goodness, comfort others through our presence, and leave positive impressions wherever we tread.

Everything we possess is fleeting. This life will inevitably reach its conclusion, and all we own will eventually pass to others. Therefore, true value lies not in the level of our education but in the lessons and wisdom we garner from it. Our words do not hold weight in their mere utterance but in the true intentions behind them. The measure of our wealth is not in its accumulation but in its benevolent application. Great Plans and visions will be worthy only if they are properly executed. Ultimately, it’s not about what we receive; how much we give becomes significant. It’s not about what we preach that matters, but our actions and how we conduct our lives become crucial.

Life’s transience underscores the importance of making every moment of it count. It urges us to channel our energies towards endeavours that enrich not only our lives but also the lives of others. This precious opportunity of life should not be squandered through idleness and arrogance. Let’s seize each day as a chance to rectify the misdeeds of the past and amplify the good. Let us embrace each morning with gratitude and determination, for it promises endless possibilities. As we navigate life, let us remember that the true measure of our existence lies not in the quantity of time we possess but in the quality of the moments we create and the legacies we leave behind.


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