Category : POETRY

Found a book where I get lost in
Kept in a resplendent shelf of the Library
Old and dusty was its skin
Felt like I was pieced back to the 19th century…

Walking through the redolent rosarium
As I met an orphic form of soul light
He introduced himself as a rose guardian
And here! I couldn’t take off my sight

Gifted me a delightful tinted rose
And told me to save him from melancholy
At his pearly tears – I froze
I remembered, I was in a book of tragedy

I hurriedly ran to the Victorian mansion
Hoping to find the pair of swords
Fought in a battle with great passion
Got victory and he played the piano chords

Overwhelmed as I defeated his enemy
His light shines more vividly
He gifted me a bouquet of roses with glee
And I came back to reality merrily


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