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In a world of delusion and aimless living
where existence has no direction
and life seems like an unplanned selection
In this chaotic world of wonder
I spend some time to ponder.

Is life so desultory
that we discuss things predestined?
On gender, sexuality
and equality.

Before the order of creation,
The Almighty set up a foundation.
He decreed in revelation
Everything was numbered, with precise enumeration.
The formation of man,
thus began.
It was devised,
a detailed plan.

In the secret depths where life begins to bloom,
a tale of wonder unfolds inside the womb.
From union of love to cells entwine,
creating a canvas, where a new life will shine.

Thus a baby is born, but the gender is not assigned.
Its gender was something that was already predestined.
Either male or female, a new life is brought into the world.
Slowly with patience, its characteristics unfurl.
For these are the children of Adam and Eve.
It is a fact,
even if it is not believed.

To these two genders, tasks are then appointed
A man is made to recognise,
qualities that are intrinsic otherwise.

Then in the light of love, a family is formed
the mother cares and then nurtures, she builds a strong bond.
And the father of the child, works to uphold,
he builds for the family a financial threshold.

Dreams are fulfilled and goals are achieved,
because of the right roles each one had perceived.
It was already designed, predestined and written.
the role of two genders beautifully woven.

This was the story of our creation.
How every spec has a purposeful reason.
How every role allotted, has a wisdom hidden behind.
How sometimes the tiny human mind,
will fail to find,
and perceive the world, as it has been originally designed.


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