Author : Ummu Ramees

Dad: Come on, all of you get ready quickly. Let’s go shopping.

Mom:  Yes. There is not even one spoon of sugar to make tea. Rice, flour, milk, eggs.… everything got over. Hurry up. Otherwise, I don’t know what to cook for dinner.

Seema:  That’s a good idea. Let’s go to the hypermarket.

Mom:  That’s too far. I have a lot of work.

Dad: And all of us have to wake up early. It’s a working day. Mom and I have to drop you off and go to the office. We can’t be late.

Mom:  Ya, we will go to the grocery shop in the next lane.

Rithwik:  Please Mama, Dad, we will not buy anything. We will come back quickly.

Seema:  Really, mom. It’s fun…just window shopping. We just want to walk around.

Dad: Ok Ok. Let them enjoy. Anyway, the whole day they are at school. But no ice cream, no chocolate. We will buy only the necessary things. Is that OK?

Seema & Rithwik: Yes,dad.

Dad: What are you doing? Go get ready.

Mom: Wait, I just want to make the list.

Dad: No need. Everything is on display. When you see them, you will remember what to buy.

(After 4 hours)

Dad: I feel so tired. Let’s make something simple for dinner. We need to put the children to sleep.

Mom: Ya, I will make omelettes and milk. We can have it with bread.

Seema:  Ya, I can’t wait to try the cup we bought. It looks so pretty. I want milk in that cup only.

Rithwik: Mine is prettier than yours. I will not allow you to touch that.

Mom: OK, OK. Both of you try and see the dresses we bought. Meanwhile, I will prepare dinner.

Dad: Ok. I am also coming. We will do it together.

Mom: That’s good. First, get the eggs.

Dad: Wait, wait. Did we buy eggs? I don’t remember going to the grocery area.

Mom: Oh no, that’s correct. We were too immersed in the crockery and dress areas. We didn’t know how time flew. The items were too attractive to make us forget to buy what was needed. Now what to do?

Dad: You make a list. Let Rithwik walk to the store in the next lane and buy them from there. It will take just ten minutes…


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