Author : Teens Meet

On 8th October 2023, a Writers Workshop was organised in collaboration between Teens Forum in Muscat, Oman and Aura e Magazine over Zoom. Fifteen young writers ranging from classes 8th to 12th took part in the program, with the Chief Editor of Aura e Magazine, Rahamathunnissa A, speaking on writing tips, how to structure one’s article, how to make one’s captions and titles attractive and so on. The sub-editor of Aura, Shayma spoke on how to get published and ways to make one’s writing accessible and publishable. The interactive workshop was a unique attempt to mould and train young writers to shape and present their work in the ever-expanding list of possible publishing houses and online platforms.

The chief editor also guided on how to write letters to the editor, a very valuable first step in writing articles in the future.


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